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Welcome to Escape Videos! Are you tired of bondage video clips where the models don't do much of anything? Are you looking for pretty girls bound and gagged that actually try to get out of their predicaments? Then Escape Videos is what you need! If you've been searching for bondage videos with lots of hopping, struggling, gag-talking, fondling and groping then you've come to the right place. Many of our models are exclusive to us and you won't see them bound and gagged on any other website. Plus, our camera guys are very dynamic. They get up-close and personal with each model during filming, making you really feel like you're right there with them. No boring tripod shots with us!

"Nastasia Gagged and Bound to a Bed"
Starring: Nastasia
Running time: 6 min 31 sec
Size: 108 MB
Format: Windows Media Player video clip
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Nastasia finds out that being tied to a bed can be a very humbling experience! Here she is, looking hot in a miniskirt, pantyhose, high heels, ankle socks and a tight top. Her tits are exposed, her hair is up in a ponytail and she's tied up really tightly. Her legs and ankles are bound together and tied to the frame of a day bed. Her wrists are tied together too, connected to a wrist harness. They are tightly tied to the bed frame too. Her captor comes in and takes off both her high heels and her socks, and cinches up her legs even tighter to the bed, wrapping extra rope and fabric around her calves. Nastasia moans and complains the whole time, kicking her legs around and struggling to get free. It's good thing we tightened up her chest harness. Then, her captor stuff her mouth with her dirty socks. Disgusting! But at least this will keep her mouth shut. Now you get to her her gag-talk and moan, instead of her bitchy, snarky comments. Nastasia is one of our hottest and most popular models. Download this action-packed bondage video today!

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"Charlotte Bound and Gagged DVD"

Charlotte stars in eleven chapters of tight rope ties, big ball gags and lots of fondling. This sexy and busty girl is a gift to the bondage world with her tiny waist, full breasts and a gorgeous face. And only we have her - bound and gagged in front of our cameras!

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"Maya Bound and Gagged Compilation"
Starring: Maya
Running time: 11 min 51 sec
Size: 1997 MB
Format: Windows Media Player video clip
Download: Download this video from Clips4Sale.

Well, this should be a popular video! It's a compilation clip of one of our most popular and most requested models, Maya! Check out this girl once and you'll love her. She's got nice, natural, big boobs, sexy feet, long blonde hair and a beautiful ass. You'll see her exposed and blindfolded in a pair of saddle shoes an knee socks. You'll also see her bound and cleave gagged in pantyhose, kicking her heels off and struggling on the floor with her tits hanging out. She's also tightly tied and exposed in a checked blouse, gag-talking and moaning. Then there's a couple clips of her getting spanked and fondled by her captor, while she struggles to get away, hopping in a pair of boots. Any way you look at it, Maya is one hot girl who looks fantastic bound and gagged! Download her video today and play it anytime you need a pick-me-up. Have fun!

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Girl-on-Girl Bondage - Never-Seen-Before Girls - Exposed Tits and Ass - Ball Gags - Tight Bondage

"Andrea Exposed and Tied to a Beam"
Starring: Andrea
Running time: 10 min 20 sec
Size: 172 MB
Format: Windows Media Player video clip
Download: Download this video from Clips4Sale.

Sexy, petite blonde Andrea gets gagged and tied to an iron beam in this bondage video update. Look at this hottie, dressed up in stockings, a miniskirt, and sexy high heels. She's got her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail and we start off this video with her tied up in a chest harness with her blouse pulled down and her really nice tits exposed. Look at that beautiful waist and chest. Wow. Her wrists are tied together behind her back and her legs are pinned together too. Her captor comes in and secures her torso and her calves to the iron beam making sure she can't move. Then, she stuffs a cloth into her mouth and wraps her head up with black bondage tape, really gagging her tightly! Super hot. Andrea can't really move but she does struggle, trying to get free, gag-talking while looking at the camera. Check out her titties as she shakes around, kicking her feet a little in an attempt to loosen up her ropes. Really hot video. Download Andrea today!

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