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Welcome to Escape Videos! Are you tired of bondage video clips where the models don't do much of anything? Are you looking for pretty girls bound and gagged that actually try to get out of their predicaments? Then Escape Videos is what you need! If you've been searching for bondage videos with lots of hopping, struggling, gag-talking, fondling and groping then you've come to the right place. Many of our models are exclusive to us and you won't see them bound and gagged on any other website. Plus, our camera guys are very dynamic. They get up-close and personal with each model during filming, making you really feel like you're right there with them. No boring tripod shots with us!

"2 Girls Encased - Part 2"
Starring: Nastasia, Charlotte, and Christina
Running time: 10 min 45 sec
Size: 174 MB
Format: Windows Media Player video clip
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Now Nastasia has them both fully encased with very tight hoods on their heads. And of course they are gagged underneath the pantyhose, as well. As they squirm around on the floor together, both Christina and Charlotte work at getting loose but Nastasia has one more thing up her sleeve. Actually it's another pair of pantyhose. She manages to get each girl to put her encased legs in each leg of this other pair of pantyhose. With both girls on the floor facing each other she manages to work this other pair up over their rear ends. She then stands back and watches them go at it. Nastasia is the perfect girl to take control of these two babes! There's definitely lots of gag talking and struggling in this clip. They manage to get free but it sure is fun to watch! Pantyhose lovers: download this clip (and part 1) right now!

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"Charlotte Bound and Gagged DVD"

Charlotte stars in eleven chapters of tight rope ties, big ball gags and lots of fondling. This sexy and busty girl is a gift to the bondage world with her tiny waist, full breasts and a gorgeous face. And only we have her - bound and gagged in front of our cameras!

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"2 Girls Encased - Part 1"
Starring: Nastasia, Charlotte, and Christina
Running time: 13 min 37 sec
Size: 221 MB
Format: Windows Media Player video clip
Download: Download this video from Clips4Sale.

Christina and Charlotte have agreed to let Nastasia encase them in pantyhose. If you know Nastasia she loves to tie girls up (guys too actually) and this is her first chance to encase her two friends. Christina and Nastasia are best friends in real life! The clip starts with both girls tied wrists behind their backs and their ankles too. Nastasia gags them both with large bandanas that fill their mouths and then sports wrap gets wound around their heads to keep the stuffing in. Christina is first and once she's gagged she watches Charlotte get gagged. Meanwhile Christina tries to do some talking. Once Charlotte is muffled Nastasia has her step her bound ankles into a pair of pantyhose. With a little work Nastasia gets it up over her huge boobs and up to right below her neck. The pantyhose won't slip down because Charlotte has huge tits. She cuts some of the other leg off of the pantyhose to use as a hood. This turns out to be extremely tight and she's having a hard time getting it to slide over Charlottes head. Charlotte laughs into her gag after Nastasia tries twice to fit it on. Third time's a charm and she manages to get it over her head. She stops right above Charlottes eyes so she can take a look at her handywork. Working her fingers under the nylon she pulls it down below Charlotte's chin and now she's encased. Next up is Christina. Nastasia helps her take her skirt off and begins pulling a pair of pantyhose up on Christina. She decides that Charlotte needs to sit closer so she has her stand, moves her Chair over next to Christina then hops her over to sit again. Nastasia turns her attention to Christina and pulls the pantyhose up to right below her neck. Watch for part two! If you're into encasement this video is for you.

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Girl-on-Girl Bondage - Never-Seen-Before Girls - Exposed Tits and Ass - Ball Gags - Tight Bondage

"Party Favor Gag"
Starring: Stephanie and Nastasia
Running time: 11 min 16 sec
Size: 183 MB
Format: Windows Media Player video clip
Download: Download this video from Clips4Sale.

It's Nastasia's birthday and friends have thrown a party for her. Stephanie was invited along by a guest and it just so happens that it's her birthday as well so she lets the partygoers know. Nastasia doesn't take kindly to this and leads Stephanie to another room where she wants to tell her that this day is not about Stephanie. It's about her. Stephanie doesn't see the big deal and isn't taking the right attitude. Nastasia grabs her and ties her wrists with pantyhose. Stephanie gets scared and apologizes so Nastasia plays a joke on her. She unties her wrists which is a relief to Stephanie but then she fools her into tying them again. Nastasia means business and it's time to gag Stephanie as she's not going back to the party. Nastasia takes out a "party favor blowout" and stuffs it in Stephanies mouth and wraps tape around her head to keep it in. You've never seen a gag like this before and it works. Stephanie can't get any words out and when she tries to speak you have to see what happens! Stephanie is having a party only at this party she's bound and gagged. Nastasia ties her legs together with more pantyhose and her elbows too! No hopping around for Stephanie so Nastasia hogties her with more pantyhose. She pulls up Stephanie's top to expose her tits and all the while Stephanie's skirt has risen up to her waist. Maybe Nastasia will invite the party guests down here for a real treat. Stephanie is going to be embarrassed! The end of the clip shows Nastasia untying Stephanie and there's lots of banter and fooling around. Believe it or not, the gag was Nastasia's idea and she brought it along for the shoot! This clip features the newest type of gag and everything is done onscreen!

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